9. Acknowledging PSFEx

Please use the following reference [1]:

> Bertin 2011: Automated Morphometry with SExtractor and PSFEx, ASP Conference Series, Vol. 442, 2011, Ian N. Evans, Alberto Accomazzi, Douglas J. Mink, and Arnold H. Rots, eds., p. 435

10. Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank Mireille Dantel, Frédéric Magnard, Chiara Marmo, Gregory Sémah, and the TERAPIX team at IAP for testing and support on image quality indices, Shantanu Desai, Tony Darnell, Greg Daues, Joe Mohr and the Dark Energy Survey Management team at University of Illinois and NCSA, for testing and support on PSF homogenisation, Philippe Delorme for his contributions to PSF-fitting in SExtractor, Valérie de Lapparent , Pascal Fouqué, and Jason Kalirai for extensive testing and suggestions, Mark Calabretta for his great astrometric library, Manolis Lourakis for making his LevMar library public, Akim Demaille for his help with the autotools, and Gary Mamon for his careful reading and corrections to the manuscript.